A Soap for Eczema?

There’s no cure for Eczema. And, according to the National Eczema Association (NEA) over 30 million Americans have it. It’s an itchy and inflamed skin problem effecting many people. We recently shared a heartbreaking video on social media posted by NEA that shows what living with Eczema is like.

So, when we set out to manufacture and produce high quality goat milk enhanced soaps and lotions, it just thrills us to hear so many positive reviews like those highlighted below:

“I originally found this awesome brand on Costco. But they no longer carry Snow Creek Meadows there, which is okay because I get to support an awesome business now through their site. I have eczema, and with many soaps and lotions, I break out into hives or rashes. Snow Creek Meadows calms down my eczema, and these soaps smell great too! They have awesome customer service and the shipping is very very quick! Can not believe they arrived today (Monday), after placing an order late Friday evening, and I live in Pennsylvania too! Thanks for making such awesome products and providing such great customer service! I really appreciated the extra bonus in my order! I will have to try out the lotion, but I am so happy to have found this company and you definitely have secured a longtime customer (-: Stay well and healthy, Snow Creek Meadows!” -Amy

“I have severe eczema that I never knew about until diagnosed last year after a horrific flare up. I have tried other brand name sensitive skin soap but it leaves my skin dry. … After months of using the goat soap, I noticed my skin is becoming less dry and eczema started to clear up in parts of my body. I am realistic that it is not a cure for my chronic skin condition but it helps a lot along with lotions and creams. It makes your skin feel clean and fresh without the harmful chemical.” -LG79

“Outstanding. Cleared up my eczema on my hands, it works wonders!!! ” -CHE S

“Great for the Face! I was pretty amazed that after using this soap on my face it has eliminated the winter dry skin! It’s amazing that this unassuming bar of soap can leave the skin feeling so soft and yet combats eczema and dryness as well. Yes, lucky me as I have both! If you are in the fence give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised. I am never going back to the typical bar soaps ever again. Plus, goats are adorable!”
-3 Peas in a Pod

“After months of using the goat soap, I noticed my skin is becoming less dry and eczema started to clear up..”

“In love!! If you have yet to try Snow Creek Meadows Soap, you best do it now. I have suffered from eczema on my eyelids and chin for a few years now. Unable to determine the cause, I had to find products that were natural, and nice to my sensitive skin. I decided to try this soap due to its natural properties & fantastic reputation. I was not disappointed! This soap soothed my eczema & made it nearly disappear.
” -Aubrie

“Best soap I’ve ever used! I bought this soap out of desperation. Every time I showered my skin was SO dry and itchy afterward. I was miserable and I knew things would only get worse as it gets colder outside. This soap is seriously amazing. I’ve struggled with dry skin and eczema my entire life. Since using this soap my skin has never been so soft and moisturized. I never ever want to be without it. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time!
” -SarahD

“… I lucked out with both eczema and auto immune. Since using this soap my skin has improved 100%. Called Snow Creek Meadows with question,response was quick and question answered. Mark was a pleasure to deal with. Have even got my 89 year old mother onto it. Will never use anything else.” -Janet66

“Great quality bar. Reminds me of the fancy soaps in four star hotels. My spouse has eczema so it is milder for the skin. They last awhile and don’t crumble at the end. The coconut and lavender have a pleasant mild smell. Bargain price for goat milk soap.” -Haleiwawahine

“I’m impressed Wow, I love these soaps! No sticky residue, I don’t feel dry right after a shower at all. These are really nice & moisturizing. My husband has eczema and he agrees, these soaps feel great on his skin too.” -Mommyof3andadog

“33% goat milk in each soap! High quality, moisturizing, and gentle on skin. I have eczema, and it’s been quite soothing and nourishing on my hands. No filler ingredients, no lotion needed, and affordable. …” -HJinAustin

“I just love it! My skin is so nice and soft since using this soap. My son’s eczema has calmed down since he’s been using it. I want to try their other scents.” -captcallie