Discontinued Product Scent: Legends (Tea Tree Eucalyptus and Mint Cross)

August 20, 2019/Snow Creek Meadows/- Effective immediately, we have discontinued manufacturing, marketing, and selling the following scent used in our soaps, lotions, and body butter:
Legends (Tea Tree Eucalyptus and Mint Cross)
This scent option has been pulled from our online stores and retail locations.

Our other delicious scents are still available as options for our soaps, lotions, and body butter. We’ve added several new scents in the last few years. From time to time, we have to remove products and options once we can no longer manage them. We pride ourselves in manufacturing the finest and purest Goat Milk enhanced cosmetics. All of our soaps contain 33% Goat Milk, in each and every bar. Milk has been historically known for thousands of years for its natural ability to moisturize and nourish skin. Goat Milk is a natural element that cannot be synthetically reproduced. The lactic acid in Goat Milk provides a natural exfoliation which helps to create smooth skin. Vitamin A & D are other natural elements found in Goat Milk and is known for strengthening and moisturizing the skin.

About Snow Creek Meadows
Snow Creek Meadows is a locally owned and operated Goat Milk Soap and Lotion company. We are located in Scio, Oregon, 50 miles southeast of Salem, OR. We are a family operated business specializing in the manufacture of the finest goats milk products. 100% of our products are developed, manufactured, packaged, and distributed from our farm in Scio, OR. Our unique manufacturing process and extreme attention to detail in every step of manufacturing ends with a pure and highly superior product, different from any others on the market. We have developed our version of goat milk enhanced soaps and lotions for today’s health conscious individuals.

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